For work, school or home, IdeaPaint CREATE White provides a high-performance dry erase surface that erases cleanly every time.

CREATE White and CREATE Clear

Our IdeaPaint CREATE products may be applied over any color or smooth surface, allowing for seamless integration of dry erase functionality into existing décors. They are available in white and in Clear.

What’s in the box

* Roller handle & trays NOT included


Single coat roller application
Do it yourself with one coat application
Virtually odourless formula
UL Greenguard Gold Certification
Environmentally Compliant
Low VOC, formaldehyde free and isocyanate free

Recommended Surfaces

Most sealed, non-porous surfaces, including:


Write on it in 4 days
Wait 4 days before using your dry erase markers
10-year limited warranty
Guarantees IdeaPaint will not crack, yellow or peel
Commercial-grade performance
Erase clean every time

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